Everything you ever wanted in an EdTech product

How can Classify Learning help you?

Classify Learning is built by educators, for educators. We provide the best in class assessment, reporting, and learning management tools that save educators time and promote positive student outcomes. Our goal was to build the best EdTech platform out there. Because we are a “platform first” company, we can quickly and easily integrate industry-leading tools and functionality.

Everything in ONE Place

Why deal with disconnected systems? Why deal with out dated technology? Let Classify Learning be your one stop shop to teach, to assess and to report.

Clever Data Import

With Clever, getting your districts data into our system can be measured in hours/days instead of weeks/months. Clever is an expert at translating SIS records into a common object readable by Classify Learning.

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Learnosity Item Renderer

Learnosity is the BEST when it comes to rendering technology enhanced items. There is no other piece of technology that even comes close. Over 50 item types that can all be inserted into an assessment.

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GoodData BI Tool

With our integrated GoodData solution, our users can access Classify’s internal data along with bringing in external data sources. You have all the power when it comes to building meaningful reports.

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Additional Integrations

We have worked hard to make as many integrations as possible to work with Classify Learning. From grade book passback to everyday teacher tools, we look for the best tools to integrate within our app with the ultimate goal of saving teachers time.

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Your EdTech Success Partner

At Classify Learning, we are passionate about education and we have a lot of school district experience to back that up. You aren’t just purchasing technology, but you’re gaining a trusted education partner who will be there with you every step of the way to help your district reach its goals.

The Most Powerful Assessment Platform Software.

Assessment management at a glance

Easily build and administer a variety of online assessment types ranging from simple diagnostics and formatives to state test mirroring summatives using your own items or those from our content providers. Need to perform a level analysis of your students? Make sure to check out our adaptive testing tools with its corresponding level report.

The Power of Formative

Take control of your classroom with our in-the-moment formative tools. Get instant feedback on an in-class assignment or assessment. Make data-informed decisions in seconds to help your students succeed.

Every Student CAN Succeed

With Classify Learning, your teachers will have access to formative tools as they’ve never seen before. With instant feedback on student progress, every child will have a voice in the classroom. We want to help educators change the stigma around testing to create an environment that supports assessments FOR learning.

What to see our product in action?

There are so many amazing features packed into our products. We would love the opportunity to show you an in-depth demo. Simply click on the button below to get a demo set up today!

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