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Set Your Students Up for Success.

The teachers have spoken and our team at Classify Learning has listened. We know students are tired of having to navigate multiple platforms for all of their classroom needs. That’s why we decided to make our best in class learning management system (LMS) to keep teachers and students connected in the classroom. Our LMS platform is fast to learn, easy to navigate, and seamlessly connects you to all the tools you need to keep your students connected and engaged.


Spend Time On What Matters.

We built the LMS with both the teacher and student in mind. The goal was to create one unified system that fosters collaboration while also saving teachers and students time getting to the information they need. Because we provide both the LMS and the assessment platform all in one tool, teachers, and students are able to quickly get to all of their data in one single place instead of having to access multiple systems and search through piles of papers.

Connect your entire school community with ease.

When you start to think beyond just the classroom, the Classify Learning LMS will become the tool that connects your entire school district community. Administer your professional development for teachers. Help your high school’s football coach communicate announcements to the players and parents. Create a space for your Algebra teachers to share resources and connect with teachers at other schools. There are so many possibilities that we almost named it the Learning and Collaboration System!


Powerful Tools Integrated with Classify Learning LMS

A learning management system should be more than just a virtual way to distribute worksheets to students. That’s why we wanted to create a powerful system to connect students to all of the exciting, interactive tools that are out there today. We aren’t the experts in creating the fun, engaging content, so we’d rather make it easy to connect you and your students to those tools through Classify Learning.

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