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Assessment Item Types

Our powerful assessment platform has over 50+ item types to choose from. When using our item builder, you can quickly and easily build new items. Items can be multipart, customized with accommodations, aligned to standards, and so much more.

We created a handful of items for you to play with so you can get a feel for the types of things you can do with the platform. However, these sample items are just scratching the surface of what can be built. Any item type you can think of can be built in our platform.


Assessment Scoring

At Classify Learning, we wanted to make sure scoring was as painless as possible within our system. While we know most of the items in our system are auto-scored items, teachers still need a robust solution to quickly and easily score questions. Classify Learning has a number of solutions to help make scoring a collaborative experience while making sure student privacy remains intact.

At the moment there are 5 ways to score any type of item. Per-Part, All or Nothing, and EBSR are all of our auto-scored items. We created sample items below to highlight how each of those scoring types work. For our non-auto scored items, we have 2 types of rubrics that can be applied. A basic rubric is a single value applied to an item, and our advanced rubric can have multiple criteria and levels that can be selected through our visual scoring tool. We have a sample advanced rubric for you try as well!


Finally, we don’t want you to have to grade alone, especially, if your administration has 100s of students. Because of this, we created the ability for the administration owner to invite other “graders” to help out. Each invited grader will see students in anonymous mode, meaning there will be no identifiable information for a particular record within the grading view. To see our grading collaboration, get in contact with us to set up a technical demo.

Per Part Scoring

(Enabled for one or more parts)
This is the default scoring type. The score for the Item is calculated by adding the score from each Question on the Item. For the purposes of the following demos, a fully correct Question scores 10, a partially correct Question scores 5, and an incorrect Question scores 0.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Score

All or Nothing Scoring

(Enabled for more than one part)
All or nothing scored items have only two possible outcomes: fully correct or fully incorrect. If the user’s score for every question on the Item is fully correct, the score for the Item is calculated by adding the max scores from each Question. If any Question on the Item is not fully correct, the score is zero.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Score

Dependent or EBSR Scoring

(Enabled for more than one part)
In dependent scoring, the score taken from each Question depends on the scores of previous Questions on the Item. The rule is that if a Question on the Item is not fully correct, the user is not awarded a score for any subsequent Questions on the Item. Such scoring can be applied when there are two or more Questions dependent on each other.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Score

Advanced Matrix Rubric

Below is our interactive advanced matrix rubric demo. Every teacher can create their own unique rubrics if they have permission to do so. The matrix value will be saved down to the database so we can do reporting/analysis on each individual criteria.

Assessment Accommodations

Calculators (Internal)

Calculators (Desmos)



Formula Input

Audio Player


Classify Learning has a wide range of accommodations available for your students. Our Learnosity integration contains most of our accommodations; calculators, rules, protractor, equation editor, audio player, and video player. If you are looking for visual accommodations, we have the ability to change the color contrast and enlarge the font size/zoom when viewing an assessment.

Another company that we have partnered with is TextHelp. TextHelp is our text to speech provider and integrates perfectly with our Learnosity environment. With TextHelp, a student can simply hit play to hear the audio version of the item from the beginning, click on a specific sentence to convert to audio, or highlight a block of text to convert to audio. They also provide a number of other tools; text dictionary, a picture dictionary, and screen masking. Check out a demo of TextHelp below.

One of the most important things we wanted to focus on is how to deliver accommodations to the right students without it being a pain! Below we have outlined a number of ways a teacher or district can assign accommodations to students. Some of these assignments can happen in an automated fashion using our accommodations import functionality, meaning each student will automatically have the appropriate accommodations applied to every assignment and assessment!

How can I assign accommodations to a student?

Administration Assignment

When creating/editing an administration, assign accommodation automatically to each student who gets rostered.

Data Import Assignment

Bulk import user accommodations with a basic CSV file through an admin screen. Accommodations will be assigned automatically.

Student Profile Assignment

Edit an individual students profile to automatically add or remove specific accommodations for all the assessments they take.

In-The-Moment Assignment

During an assessment, a teacher can add or remove accommodations for a student for that particular assessment.

Text to Speech, Dictionary and Translations

In 1683 the year following William Penn's settlement on the Delaware, we find him buying supplies of coffee in the New York market and paying for them at the rate of eighteen shillings and nine pence per pound.

Coffee houses patterned after the English and Continental prototypes were soon established in all the colonies. Those of New York and Philadelphia are described in separate chapters. The Boston houses are described at the end of this chapter.

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