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The Perfect Partnership


Classify Learning is partnering with CenterPoint to bring their powerful adaptive diagnostic tools into our best-in-class EdTech platform. Your district can utilize one of the six ELA or five math pre-built screeners or work with the talented team members at CenterPoint to create a custom solution to fit your district’s needs. Once your district has settled on the best solutionfor your unique needs, with the push of a button you teachers can have access to the diagnostic tools, and the real-time data they provide.

Classify Learning and CenterPoint harnesses the power of adaptive technology to personalize the assessment tools for each individual student. With adaptive assessments the, student experience is customized based on their response to items within an assessment. This type of diagnostic tools keeps students engaged while providing more accurate data on what they know and can do.

At the end, reports are generated within Classify Learning to provide individual student data with extended details by skill, category, domain, and other key metrics group by school site and district-level data. The data from these diagnostic tools enables teachers to target support and intervention directly at students’ misconceptions and gaps in learning.


CenterPoint Diagnostics; The Highlights

CenterPoint offers six pre-designed diagnostic subtests in English language arts and two pre-designed subtests in mathematics. These assessments can be administered multiple times to support instructional needs and highlight win and growth areas over time. Each student receives a personalized question path to more accurately pinpoint their specific proficiency levels. All of these diagnostic assessments have been field tested and piloted with districts of all sizes. Check out the diagnostic assessments offers by CenterPoint:

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