Beware of the Franken-Monster!

Learn how we avoided building our own Franken-Monster. (aka - Megazord)

Beware of the Franken-Monster!

Franken-Monster Unleashed

Just because we can “bolt-on” functionality, doesn’t mean we should actually implement it at the cost of our overall user experience. It’s easy to get into the mindset of building one-off modules for a small set of users. The problem is, these requested, yet rarely used features tend to add up over time and before you know it, a Franken-Monster starts to appear behind the scenes. When the Franken-Moster gets too big, it tends to destroy the functionality and basic features people really want and love.

And let’s be honest, no one wants to deal with a Franken-Monster… its sole purpose is to annoy, bug, and distract users from core functionality that can help them complete vital day-to-day tasks.

Platform-First Mindset; Classify Learning can Tame the Franken-Monster!

At Classify Learning, we set out to build the best in class platform. A platform that is not only easy to use but easy to integrate functionality and applications you use in the classroom every day. However, before we add any bit of functionality to our product, we go through a meticulous checklist of “why add this”, “who will it affect” and “what is the expected outcome”. If we can not get a positive answer to all those questions, we simply do not add the functionality or application as-is.

We know it’s a fine line between an amazing list of features and a bloated Franken-Monster… so don’t worry because Hedgie has your back. 😉

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